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Baltimore History Evenings

The Baltimore City Historical Society and The Village Learning Place present Baltimore History Evenings 2016.

Join us the third Thursday monthly from January to June for our exciting 2016 series. These free talks take place at The Village Learning Place, 2521 St Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. Reception at 7:00 pm and the talks begin at 7:30 pm.

May 19, 2016: Brian C. Morrison presents Colored Teachers for Colored Schools: The Campaign for Control of Black Schools in Late-19th-Century Baltimore. Dr. Morrison has had a 30 year career as an educator in New York, Baltimore City, and Baltimore County.  He is the founder and president of The William J. Watkins, Sr. Educational Institute working to ensure that all children, especially those in under-served and under-resourced communities, have access to and receive, the best education possible. Baltimore allowed African American children to enroll in the city’s public schools in 1867, but the schools for African American students were grossly inadequate. Baltimore’s religious, civic and political leaders fought to improve the conditions of the schools on many fronts.

June 16, 2016: Bob Luke discusses Integrating the Orioles: Baseball and Race in Baltimore. Bob Luke is the author of several books about baseball, including The Most Famous Woman in Baseball: Effa Manley, The Negro League, Willie Wells: "El Diablo" of the Negro Leagues, The Baltimore Elite Giants: Sport and Society in the Age of Negro League Baseball and his new book, Integrating the Orioles: Baseball and Race in Baltimore, in which Bob Luke shows how the struggle to integrate the Baltimore Orioles mirrored the fight for civil rights. The Orioles debuted in 1954, the same year the Supreme Court struck down public school segregation. As Baltimore experienced demonstrations, white flight and a 1968 riot, team integration came slowly. Black players, mostly outfielders, made cameo appearances as black fans stayed away in droves. The breakthrough came in 1968, with the arrival of a more enlightened owner and African-American superstar Frank Robinson. As more black players filled the roster, the Orioles dominated the American League from 1969 into the early 1980s.


Beyond Chicken Soup:Jews and Medicine in America

Jewish Museum of Maryland has a new exhibit appearing March 13, 2016 – January 16, 2017. Explore evocative environments. Investigate hands-on activities and multimedia effects. Engage with more than 200 artifacts, documents, and images ranging from the nineteenth century to the current genomic age. Examine how medicine impacts your life, through new technologies like DNA testing or time-honored remedies like a bowl of soup. Learn how medicine defines individuals’ and a community’s place in American culture.

For more information, visit http://chickensoupexhibit.org


BCHS Annual Meeting

9am Saturday June 18, 2016In celebration of the centennial of the Druid Hill Y, our annual election meeting will take place in that Y and include a tour and presentation on the history of the building and Y movement in the Black community.


5th Annual Joint Programof the Historical Society of Baltimore County and the Baltimore City Historical Society

Alison Kahn, Peggy Fox and Paul Travers will at the Historical Society of Baltimore County on Saturday, November 12, 2016, 2pm-4pm. Alison Kahn and Peggy Fox wrote an phtographed Patapsco: Life among Maryland' historic River Valley. Paul Travers penned The Patapsco: Baltimore river of history.

The three will talk about Patapsco culture, environment, history and people.


Baltimore Water History in Brief Videos

Baltimore City Department of Public Works Public Information Supervisor, Kurt Kocher, delivered a presentation about "Baltimore Water History in Brief." This event took place November 16, 2013, at the Maryland Historical Society, and was jointly sponsored by the Historical Society of Baltimore County and the Baltimore City Historical Society. Other speakers included former MD State Archivist, Edward C. Papenfuse, and the Center for Watershed Protection's William Stack.







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